Monday, November 28, 2016

The Polish students

Hi there,
Let me introduce you all to the Polish team:)


My name is Damian and I’m 17. I had lived in Ciecholewy and Stare Gronowo before I moved to Chojnice. I’m a student of Catholic High School in Chojnice. When I finish my lessons I go to a music school where I learn how to play the clarinet. In the future I want to start studying at the Medical University and become a doctor.

My favourite school subjects are biology, chemistry and philosophy. I like music so much that I like listening to music, singing and playing the clarinet, saxophone, guitar and the piano. I like travelling and meeting new friends. I love watching series. My favourite series are House, Grey’s Anatomy, Friends and How I Met Your Mother. I like watching films, too, eg. The Shawshank Redemption or The Intouchables.

I hope that I’m clever and intelligent. I like spending time with my friends, who think that I’m friendly, nice, reliable and funny. I’m talkative, sociable and tidy. Sometimes I’m hard-working, sometimes lazy. I’m definitely not patient, though.

My mother likes reading books and listening to music. She cares about home and looks after my brother. My dad works in Great Britain. My sister is 20 and she works, studies Polish and classic philology. She likes reading books and meeting her boyfriend. She wants to teach kids in a primary school. My brother 2 and he is very young so I can’t say much about him. I like looking after him and watching cartoons together.

I don’t have much free time because I learn a lot. But when I do have free time, I watch series or films, sing, play some instrument or meet my friends.
My name is Małgorzata, but most people call me Gosia. I’m 17 years old. I’m in the second class of Catholic High School in Chojnice. I’m a reliable, outgoing person. I like spending time with my friends, and although it may seem strange, I like to learning - of course not everything. I love the humanities and  arts.
I live in the suburbs of our small town – Chojnice – with about 40 thousand inhabitants. My city is a litter more than a hundred kilometers from Gdańsk. My town is not too big but it has a long history. Chojnice has a beautiful old town and the park called the Millennium Park. I’m sure you’ll see this places and much more when you come here
My immediate family consists of six people. The head of my family is my dad who works as a dispatcher. My mom works in the clinic as a nurse. I have two elder sisters and an elder brother. My oldest sister Magda finished history at a university and she’s a teacher in a primary school. Kasia, my other sister, works in a kindergarten and she is studying pedagogy. My brother Kuba is in the third year of journalism. He is delighted with his studies.
In my free time I love reading books, no matter what kind. But I have to admit that I’m interested in stories set in the past and stories about time travels. In my spare time I also deal with music. I know how to play the flute and the piano, a bit. However, my cup of tea is singing.
Now a little bit about my school. It isn’t large so I feel a family atmosphere here. I really like my teachers. Some of them are my role models. Thanks to them I became more interested in some subjects. In my opinion my school is nice. I can feel its history inside.


My name is Grzegorz. I’m 18 and I’m a third-grade student of the Catholic High School in Chojnice. My passion is connected with IT, ranging from hardware to programming and hacking. I’m also interested in mathematics and science. In general in my spare time I either study (mostly programming) or write programs or websites, so I can say that computers are my life. The things I don’t like are sports and being offline.
In my opinion I’m quite an organized person, though there are some parts of my life that are one big mess, such as my desk (by the way I disagree with theory that a messy desk is a messy mind, as for me these are two different parts of life and shouldn’t be bound). I’d say that I’m a little bit lazy but I think that it’s quite normal. I’m still pretty ambitious and I like to be the best in almost everything (I don’t care about sports for example).
I’ve got a younger sister called Joanna (three and a half years younger) and two dogs (Labrador and
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). My sister is a complete opposite of me, she is everywhere, full  of energy, etc. But we have one thing in common: we are both intelligent and modest :-D
I live in a medium-sized town called Chojnice. Actually I’d say that on the outskirts of the town but it’s still only a few minutes on foot to the town center so quite close. Chojnice is located in the north of Poland, in the southern part of the Kashubian Region (it’s even said that Chojnice is the gate of Kashuby)
As I have written I go to our local Catholic High School. It’s very small school, everyone knows everyone in it, there are maximum two classes per single age group but I consider it as an advantage. I feel I’ll miss it after I go to the university.

Hi. My name is Kinga Kucharska and I am 17 years old. I live in Kamień Krajeński. I have an elder sister whose name is Maria and a younger brother whose name is Maksymilian. Maria is 20 and she is studying in Toruń. Maksymilian is 3 years old. I have a dog called Hector. I go for walks with him.

My town is very small. I have lived there since I was born. I like this town because I don't like big cities. In my town I have many friends. I went to a primary school and gymnasium in Kamień Krajeński. In my town there is a historic church and a stadium where our local sports club trains. Its name is “Kamionka”. There are two lakes n my town. In the summer many people come here. After finishing the gymnasium I went to Catholic High School in Chojnice. Every day I commute to school by bus about 25 kilometers. I think my High School prepares me well for the school-finishing exam. I learn chemistry and mathematics at the extended level. In my High School I and my friends can develop our skills. Our school is small and we all feel like one family.

When I was little I learned to play the piano. I like singing and listening to music. I listen to music when I want to chill out. I also listen to music when I learn, cook, tidy and do many other things. Apart from music I really like doing maths and learning. Additionally, I love small children and taking care of them. I like creating different games and using them to teach. I like different sports as well, for example, swimming, running, working out, skating and many other sports.


My name is Aleksandra but everybody calls me Ola. I am 17 years old and I go to the second class of High School. I am a medium-height girl. I have long, brown hair and brown eyes. I am a cheerful and honest person.
I love music. For a few years I played the piano. I love singing. In the future I want to do something with music.
I have two brothers. Albert, 20, is a university student and Hubert, 15, goes to the third class of the middle school. We live together in a small village - Gockowice. We have a farm. On our farm we have cows, pigs, chickens, cats, dogs and horses. I love our village a lot. mostly for the peace and quiet. I definitely prefer living in the village. It could live somewhere near a city but rather on the outskirts.
In my free time I walk with my friends and we like roller-skating. I love watching films and reading different books. I think that this is the most important thing about me.

Hi! I am Aleksandra and I am 17 years old. I live in Chojnice,  Poland. My town is a very nice place. 
My family is small. I have a sister whose name is Natalia. I have short dark curly hair and gray eyes that contrast with the color of my hair. I like extravagant clothes. I love wearing jeans and I hate skirts!
My friends consider me to be very frank, crazy, smart, outgoing and friendly. I think that  I am very sociable and open  but also mean at times. I don't like false people. Friendship is what I believe is very important. I have a few real friends who always help me.
I am interested in playing volleyball and photography. I would like be a doctor. I hope I will because I want to help and save other people. It is my dream.
I go to high school. This international exchange program between European schools is my second project and I am very glad I can participate in it. It is important for me because I can make new friends from abroad. I hope we will stay friends forever and we will have an amazing time when we meet.

I am Szymon and I am 17 years old. My hobbies are motoring, photography and electronics. I am a pretty tall grey-eyed person. If something seems interesting to me, I search a lot of information about it. I am extrovert and like meeting other people.
I live in Chojnice, a town of 40000 people. Our town is all the time developing. I am lucky I live here. I like this place a lot, because here I have everything I need. I have lived here since I was born and the fact that the rest of my family lives quite close is yet another advantage.
I have a sister, Dominica, and we have a dog, a Shih-Tzu, whose name’s Charlie. We like traveling and spending time together. My dad has a company, which deals with welding robots. My mum is a secretary. My sister is younger than me, so she learns in a gymnasium.
When I have free time, I try to make the best of it. I clean and I check a car. Sometimes, I watch films and series. My favorite types of film and series are criminals and comedies. I like taking photos.
I spend a lot of time walking. I like meeting my cousins and friends. The fact that I can spend my free time this way makes me very happy.
I learn in the second grade of the Catholic High School. I like Maths and English.
I sometimes teach Maths to younger people, especially those who are not that good at mathematics. I want to improve my English. That’s why I started to watch series, where actors speak English without Polish dubbing.
Hi! My name is Weronika and I'm 16 years old. I haven't got many friends, because I'm introverted but I do like meeting new people. I don't like speaking too much without reason.
People think I'm intelligent, sometimes even too much. I'm also very lazy. I live in Brusy. It's a small (and boring) town near Chojnice, Poland. It is located in a beautiful area. I've got a sister and a brother whose names are Marta and Jakub. They are younger than me.
In my spare time I listen to music, I like all kinds of music, but my favourites are rock and metal. Reading books is also cool, especially fantasy <3.  I also watch anime (Japanese cartoons). I like playing games, but I haven't got enough time to do it very often. My favourite band is Hollywood Undead (rapcore music). I haven't got a favourite book or film.
I don't like studying. My school is Catholic School in Chojnice. I can't say too much about it because I'm new there. I think students are very nice and friendly. The teachers seem to be scary, but they are also very helpful. We learn a lot of things, some of them are very difficult.

My name is Weronika. I was born in 1998 in Chojnice. I have always lived in Chojnice. I like smiling a lot. I have blond hair and blue eyes and I’m pretty tall. I like looking elegant
I live with my parents and my elder brother. My mum works in a company which makes very beautiful furniture for children. My dad is a constructor in a company based in Chojnice. I have a great and loving family.
My brother is studying in Gdańsk. He’s very good at languages and he studies in English and he is also learning the Chinese language. He taught me how to play the guitar. We are both in a band. He used to learn in my school and I love him very much.
I love singing and playing the guitar. I’m in a Catholic music band. We rehearse regularly. I also sing in my school’s choir. I like taking photos and watching TV. I like listening to music. I wish I could sing like Whitney Houston.
I learn in Catholic School in Chojnice. I started learning in this school in 2009. Today I’m in the last class of high school. This school is in the city center. This is a small school where all people know one another. I like my school as I have very good friends here. We like spending our free time together. During the previous Comenius project I went to Sicily and Germany. I loved both the trips and really enjoyed myself. I like thinking about that time and those people.
Hi!  My name is Zosia and I’m from Poland. I have just started taking part in Erasmus+ project. I guess it will be a really challenging and interesting adventure for me and I hope I’ll gain some new useful experiences.
I’m almost 16. I am of medium height and I have brown eyes and hair. My friends find me as a reliable person, but I’m sometimes a procrastinator too. I think I’m also quite open and easy to get on with.
I go to Catholic High School in Chojnice. It is located about 25 kilometers away from my hometown. I commute by car or by bus. I used to attend another high school in Chojnice but during this school year I made up my mind to change it. I’ve started to feel at home really soon. “The Catholic” is a really unusual school. We have more subjects than any other students (for instance, we learn Latin and Philosophy), once a week we have a Holy Mass, the classes are much smaller, we have to wear uniforms (what isn’t common in Poland). I like my school because there is a big variety of subjects and extracurricular activities (like Erasmus+), the academic standards are high and, what’s more, the atmosphere is great.
I live in a town in northern Poland , it’s called Kamień Krajeński. Although,  it’s very small, it is also really old and interesting. The wildlife of Krajna Landscape Park and the local monuments are beautiful, however they are almost forgotten and really underestimated by the inhabitants. Owing to this I am a member of the local youth group “Śladowcy”, which takes some actions in order to make people aware of Kamień’s history and other values.
My father is a doctor and my mother works as a nurse. I’ve got an older brother, Mikołaj, who also attends Catholic High School. We have pets – a cat, and a dog, a Labrador named Frodo. We live together in a detached house on the outskirts
I’m passionate about learning languages. I learn English, German, Spanish and Polish, of course. I’m also keen on travelling and meeting different customs and cultures. At the age of fourteen I participated in a student exchange to Germany and I really loved it! One day, I’d like to visit Spain and North and South America. In my free time I usually watch football matches (I really, really like Spanish football), or movies (thrillers are the best ones), sometimes I read books or study history. My favourite sport is skiing.

Hi, my name is Zuzanna. I am sixteen years old. I am participating in Erasmus+ project. I live in a small town called Chojnice, Poland.  I am learning in Catholic High School. I am in the first grade. I have Brown hair and hazel eyes. 

I live with my mum, dad, younger sister and a dog. My mum is a journalist in the local newspaper. My dad works in a factory. My sister is 7 years old and she is in the second grade. My dog’s name is Leon. He is a black cocker spaniel.

I like laughing. I am an outgoing and friendly person. I like singing and I am in the school choir. I like playing the cello. I finished a music school.  I like music and books. As every girl I like clothes, fashion, make up things and so on. I like spending time with my friends and learning new things. I like travelling and exploring new places. I dream about travelling to the USA, Australia, Great Britain and Mexico.

I have already visited some European countries like Spain, France, Italy. I participated in the previous Comenius Project in our school and I travelled to Finland. I also hosted a girl from Italy.

I am a 17-year old teenager from Poland. Music is my life actually. I’ve been into that since I was a little baby. I live with my parents and my brother. I attend the high school and the Diocesan Organist Study. I’ve been learning to play organs for a year and the piano for 14 years.
My parents both work, my mum is a teacher and my dad is an economist. My brother is 13 years old and he’s keen on playing the guitar. We have very good relationship with our grandparents. When I was little I used to play my grandma’s piano and I guess they’re proud of us. We can pretty much do what we want. For 7 years we’ve lived on the outskirts, in Chojniczki, so we don’t visit each other as often as before, but it isn’t a big problem.
I got engaged in music when I was a little boy. In my grandparent’s house there was a piano which I tried to play in the beginning. Over the time I really began to succeed and play something to listen. In fact, the more I played, the better I became. Sometimes I’m just fed up, though, and I feel as if I was banging my head against a wall because I think I cannot be so good as other great musicians, but fortunately I still keep on trying. I also used to practice playing the flute, but now I play the piano and the organ. My real cup of tea, to be honest, is music harmony, theory and composing.
I go to the Catholic High School in Chojnice. I put a lot of effort into mastering Maths, Physics and languages. I play basketball and I’m fond of jogging. In holidays I go with my friends on the court and just play basketball outside school. I also like going on the beach, playing volleyball and swimming. However, it does matter who I can practice with as I believe relationships are very important. I am much happier when I can share my hobby with others.

Hi, my name is Zuzanna.  I am from Poland and I live in a small village – Lichnowy. It’s about 8 kilometers away from my school. Lichnowy is a very pretty village, where we can really chill out.
I’m really friendly and I love to meet new people. I like sports. I’m keen on make up, manicure and that sort of things. It will be my future work if my other dream doesn’t come true.
I go to Catholic School in Chojnice. It’s a very small school in contrast to the other schools in this town. For me it’s a really good thing. We know each other, we can always ask about help, we’re some kind of a “family”. In my class there are 19 people and it’s the biggest group in the school. The other groups have only e.g. 12 persons.
We have so many extra subjects now in the first class. We study e.g. Latin, philosophy, education for security and others. At school we have so many different extra lessons which we can choose, too. We can sing in our choir, take part in some school performances, learn languages, learn how to speak well, and many different things.
We are Catholics so we have a Mass every Friday. It’s a good thing. This school is the best school in the world. I said that I live in Lichnowy together with my family with my younger brother, my mum and dad. It’s not a big place so they work in Chojnice and my brother goes to Catholic School, too. We have an elementary school, but it’s not that good.
In my free time I meet my friends, ride a bike to Chojnice because I really like sports, I do manicure which is my hobby. I really like this kind of pastime.
My name is Michalina. I'm 17 and I'm from Poland.
I consider myself to be a really tolerant and helpful person. If you have any problem or question you can definitely rely on me :) I'm peaceful and amicable so sometimes it seems I'm a bit shy, but don't worry – I'm really friendly and I'll be very glad if you'll just come and start some chat with me :)
I love spending my free time with my friends and family! I love art (actually getting to know the paintings, painters and the history of art. Not  really creating it – I have definitely no talent haha). I also like reading and listening to music. I love the theater – sometimes I even play on the stage, but seeing spectacles is the thing I appreciate the most. My biggest hobby is the psychology and I'm going to do something with it in my future.
I've got a pretty big family, but I live only with my parents in the center of the city, because my three older brothers are adult and live with their own families. Another member of our family is my cat Bashir :D
I live in northern city of the country which is called Chojnice. It's a really wonderful place to live in, I'm really glad it's my hometown! Poland is such a beautiful country, every area is very original, in the northern one you can see a lot of lakes, forests, amazing nature and of course the Baltic Sea. Chojnice isn't a big city, but it's definitely very interesting place to visit. Fascinating architecture, nice people, nature, stunning monuments and a lot of cultural and recreational objects. We've got also many entertainment points. There's no way to be bored in Chojnice ;)
I go to Catholic school in Chojnice, which is actually nearby my home. The school is very small, like only 200 people (which is about the primary school, and the high school). My favourite subjects are English, philosophy, an history of art and math :)


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