Monday, November 14, 2016

The Italian Students

Ladies and Gents, we proudly present the Italian Students - Take a look!

My name is Vera Schölzhorn and I'm 17 years old. I live in a small village near Sterzing called Ratschings. In my village there is a big ski resort and one of the skilifts is close to my house, that's why I like skiing in winter and hiking in summer. Another hobby I have is dancing - I'm in a group where we dance hip hop. I also like going out with my friends.
I love travelling to places I´ve never seen before, because it`s always a new experience to see other cultures and other people. The world is so big and if you travel you can see new parts of the world.
I'm said to be a very open and friendly person and I always try to think positive. In my family there are my parents, my older brother Daniel and my older sister Eva who all still live at home. We also have a little dog called Max and I  like going out with him for a walk.
I've been attending the economy branch of our school for 3 years, in 2 years' time I will hopefully graduate. My favourite subjects are English and PE.


Hello everyone, my name is Arina.
I live in Sterzing, a small, medieval city in South Tyrol, Italy in an apartment with my cat, my parents and my little sister (11). I like it to spend my spare time outdoors, hiking, skiing and playing beach- volleyball, but I am also a huge fan of spending a rainy day at home, reading a book/watching a film and eating  (no matter what kind of) sweets. Furthermore,  I really like going out with my friends, even if there aren’t so many "going out"- options in Sterzing.It is not very easy to describe myself as a person, but I am quite extrovert and sometimes a little bit too sarcastic, so please don't take me too seriously, because I don't do that myself either.  Currently I attend the  12th grade of the language- section of the "Oberschulzentrum Sterzing" and doing quite well. My main subjects are German, Italian, English, French and Latin, but my favourite one is biology. I can't wait to finally make my graduation and start to study at a university somewhere far away from Sterzing, like Vienna or Munich.


Hi there, I’m Simon Plank. I´m 17 years old and live in Sterzing, a small city in the northerly, mountainous part of Italy.
I am in the 4th class of the linguistic departement of our high school, thus, besides German, my mother tongue, I speak Italian, English and French.

In my spare time I’m a, well let’s say, semi-professional video maker for some local companies. Additionally I play the trumpet and am a member of the local Bürgerkapelle - that´s a traditional windband.
If you look for someone to talk to about films and TV series I´m the one to talk to - You could almost call it an addiction…
I am very perfectionistic and determined - but only for things I´m interested in, if I´m not I usually neglect it. Therefore I am often called (and often call myself) lazy.
To complete the picture some information about my family: I live with my mom, my dad and my sister in a single family house. We are all very musical so if you’re going to live at mine, be prepared to always hear someone sing or play their instrument – don’t panic: we aren’t that terrible at it :D

Eva Maria

My name is Eva Maria Lazzari and I’m a seventeen year old girl from the most northerly part of Italy, close to the Austrian border.I live in Stange, a little village near the city of Sterzing. It’s a very quiet area – pretty boringfor someone of my age. So most of the time I prefer spending time in the “city”. My family consists of my mother my father, my elder sister Sarah and my little brother Lukas. It can be very chaotic with two siblings, but we have a lot of fun together. Laughing is basically my hobby. I always try to be positive and to have positive vibes in my life. I totally like to meet new people, I can be shy at the beginning though. In my spare time I usually spend time with my friends, who are very important for me. Another thing I love is music; once when I was younger I played the guitar, but that I must confess: I was too lazy to practise - so now, I prefer listening to music.
Hiking in the mountains and long walks in the forest are my way to relax. Travelling is my big passion and I have already visited some great places, hoping there are many more to come. Languages play a big role in my life.  Therefore, I decided to go to language school. I am now in 12th grade and in our school; we study French, Italian, German, Latin and English.
I'm Julia Brunner, 17 years old and live in Sterzing, a small town in Italy. I almost always smile, probably because I've just made a bad joke which only I find funny. I'm also honest, friendly, and always hungry.
I love chocolate, dogs, books and TV series. Other hobbies are volleyball, hiking and running. I spend the rest of my spare time with my friends and my family, which consists of my parents, my 10 year-old brother David, my (very cute) dog Hugo and me.
I'm a student of the language branch of my school and learn (among other things) English, Italian, French, Spanish and German. My favourite subjects are English and Physics. Myschool is in the same town that I live in and therefore, I can go there by bike in about five minutes.
During summer, I work at an adventure park, which is quite challenging,  but can also be a bit annoying. I like my town because the surrounding nature is beautiful. I really hate rain therefore, every time it rains I want to travel to the sea and lie in the sun. Of course I don’t only want to travel to the sea but I want to see as much of the world as I can.
I hope you are able to get to know me!

Hello, my name is Christine Strickner. I am 17 years old and I live in Mareit, a small village near Sterzing. I am in the fourth form of the sports-secondary school. If that does not make too much sense: it is a scientific school with five weekly sports lessons.
I have three sisters, Susanne, Juliane and Martina; I am the second youngest. My oldest sister Susanne, who is 28, moved out two years ago but often visits us.
I love playing soccer with my great team, going out with my friends, who are, by the way, as crazy as I am, and having a walk with my lovely dog Cora. Furthermore, I love travelling and I am very open-minded. I am helpful and kind, grumpy at school and I tend to be rather moody. I can be motivated easily if there is something going on which many people would consider <weird>.
Well, that is all about me. One more thing, I am athletic, brunette, and brown-eyed and enjoy wearing casual outfits.

My name is Victoria Albertini, but everybody calls me Vicky. I am 18 years old and I live in Sterzing, a small city in the very north of Italy. I live with my parents and with my younger brother Loris.
I like spending time with my friends who I also play soccer with. Our team consists of really great people and we always have a lot of fun. Girls’ soccer has become very popular in the last years in our town and our teams are also very successful. I also like going for a walk, in winter as well as in summer.  
I am in the 4th form of the economic branch of our secondary school in Sterzing. In our school there are about 400 students. My favourite subjects are law and Italian. Hopefully in two years´ time I´ll graduate and then I´m thinking of going to university to study law or tourism management.
I am said to be a very open and helpful person but unfortunately, I am very often unmotivated. Then I want to stay in bed all day and watch sitcoms or crime series.

Hey, there!
My name is Lena Seeber. I am a 16-year-old girl and live in Sterzing. It is a small city in the north of Italy. My mother tongue is German but I also speak Italian quite well.
My parents and I live in a flat close to the historical centre of Sterzing. I also have a brother, but he doesn’t live in Sterzing anymore. He is 20 years old and moved to Vienna last year. He studies there.
In my spare time I got to the stable to see my horse. Anete is a Haflinger. Haflingers are very robust horses and their origins are in Meran, a city in South Tyrol. Some years ago we did show-jumping, but due to an injury of my horse we do dressage now. Yet, riding is not my only hobby. I also like hiking, sledging, skiing and of course meeting my friends.
My friends play a leading role in my life and a life without them is unimaginable for me. We spend a lot of time together. They describe me as very chaotic, which I must admit is true. But I am also a very helpful and patient person. They also love my very adventurous and crazy nature, which makes them laugh a lot. When I get to know new people, I’m a little shy at the beginning, but that passes fast most of the time.
I go to the language school of Oberschulzentrum Sterzing. Apart from English we also learn Latin and French, and of course Italian.
My name is Maria Delueg and I am a 16- year-old girl from South Tyrol in Italy. I live in a small village near Sterzing with my mother. My parents are separated and I am their only child.
In my spare time I often meet friends and hang out with them. My other hobbies are reading interesting books, hiking in the South Tyrolian mountains and shopping.
I think that I am a reliable and helpful person. For example, if somebody feels bad, I am constantly thinking about how I can help that person. I am also sociable and I like meeting new people. However, sometimes it is also relaxing just to stay at home watching TV series or relaxing with friends.
I am in my third year studying at the language school in Sterzing, because I want to improve my language skills. Due to the fact that I only speak German at home, I appreciate learning other languages like English, Italian and French. Italian is our second language in South Tyrol. Therefore, it is very important to be bilingual and to study all the other languages very well. The school is 20 kilometres away from my home and I have to take the bus to go there. Nevertheless, I like our school especially on account of our friendly and warm class climate even if we’re often confronted with a lot of work.
I am grateful to participate in the Erasmus project and I look forward to our first meeting.
My name is Mara Volgger and I live in a small village near Sterzing, a little city in the north of South Tyrol, which is in Northern Italy. I have no siblings, so I live there only with my mother. My father lives a few minutes away. Although my parents are still married, they don’t live together anymore. At ome I speak German, but with many of my friends I speak Italian.
I like spending time with my friends and going out with them, but I also like reading, hiking and skiing. For seven years I trained in a ski-club at the ski resort of Ratschings and I enjoyed it very much. Even today I love spending most of my spare time skiing in winter, often with my father because he’s a ski- and snowboard-instructor.
This year in the summer holidays I worked as a waitress in a restaurant. Therefore I couldn’t travel anywhere, but doing that, I really gained some working experiences. I really improved my Italian and English and worked with some nice people.
My friends say that I’m a person that’s easy to elate for everything and is always up for spontaneous adventures. I try to take time for everything that’s important for me and I think that’s a characteristic part of my personality.
I go to the language school of Oberschulzentrum Sterzing. We learn, in addition to the major languages German and Italian, also English, French and Latin. School isn’t always easy but I think I definitely chose the right one for me, even if I have to spend a lot of my spare time learning.
Hi, my name is Lisa Plaikner. I’m a sixteen-year old girl from Italy. I live with my mother and my father in Sterzing, which is a little town in the north of Italy. In our region SouthTyrol we speak two languages: Italian and German. I’m lucky to be raised in a bilingual background because my mother’s first language is Italian and my father is German-speaking.
Right now I attend the language school in Sterzing, where I also learn French and Latin in addition to German, Italian and English, which are compulsory subjects.
I’m an only child and therefore spoiled rotten. But this is not my only character trait. I’m a helpful, ambitious and pretty positive person. In my freetime I love to spend time with my friends. When I’m not with my friends, I dance. I really love to dance. I’ve been going to a dance school since I was 4 years old. For me dancing is a way of communicating, which allows me to express my feelings.


It is tough to describe myself as a person, but if I had to do it (and I have to) I would say that I am a person that is interested in various topics.
I live in a small village called "Franzensfeste" which is located in South Tyrol, Italy.
Franzensfeste is a village where the majority speaks Italian. But we also have the second highest percentage of foreigners in South Tyrol. That means we have a lot of different cultures and people in our small town with about 1000 inhabitants. 25% are foreigners from countries like Pakistan, India, Ukraine and Canada. It is a great mix of cultures.
My family is made of my parents, Walter and Martina, and my older sister, Johanna. My father is fifty-two years old and works in one of the biggest bus - companies in South Tyrol. My mother is forty-eight years old and works in the municipality of Sterzing. My sister Johanna is twenty years old and studies tourism and management. She also attended the school in Sterzing.
In my spare time, I love to play football with my team, Auswahl Ridnauntal. In the winter, I also like to play ice hockey with my friends or skiing. Sometimes in the afternoon, I play some videogames or I just chill on the couch and watch TV.
I visit the secondary school type with emphasis on science in Sterzing. I would say that it is a tough school, because we have to study Latin and a lot of scientifically subjects like maths, physics and biology. But it also gives you a lot of opportunities after you finished the school. It is defiantly worth the pain, sweat and anger.

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