Friday, November 18, 2016

Dùrachdan bho Alba / Greetings from Scotland

Latha math dhuibh!  Let me introduce you to the students from Scotland...


My name is Alison Gracie. I’m 17 years old and I’m in my 6th year at James Gillespie’s High School. I would say that I am a bubbly and caring person and I enjoy meeting new people and travelling.

I live in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. I live with my mum, my dad, my 15 year old sister Lydia and my dog Molly. I also have an older sister Rachel, who’s 19 and at university in London. My mum and both my sisters can speak Gaelic and my dad can understand a bit of it. At home we sometimes speak Gaelic to each other but we
mostly speak English.

When I’m not busy with school I like to go out with my friends. I also play the flute and enjoy singing. I have a part time job at the Gaelic primary school as well as babysitting every weekend. I play netball with my friends at school once a week.
In school my favourite subject is psychology. Next year I am hoping to go to university to study psychology.

I am really looking forward to this experience so that I can meet new people and learn about other languages and cultures.


Hi, I’m Elleigh and I am 17 years old. I live in Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland and I am in my final year of high school at James Gillespie’s High School (6th year).I would say I am a happy, friendly and energetic person who likes to have fun and meet new people.

In my spare time I enjoy doing a variety of different sports such as gymnastics, water sports and skiing in the winter. Every other weekend I go to the football with my dad and gran to watch our local team play (Heart of Midlothian FC). I work part-time as a swimming instructor teaching young children how to swim. I also enjoy spending a lot of time with my family and friends. Each year my family and I go on a family holiday together, this year (2016) I went to America, the location usually changes every year.

I live with my mum, dad and my older brother Jordan who is 24. We also have a family pet dog called Rudi, who is a golden Labrador. I speak English to my family as I am the only member of my family who speaks Gaelic, however I do speak Gaelic in a few classes in school with my teachers and classmates and occasionally my friends out of school. I started learning Gaelic in school when i was five.

I live about 3miles away from my school and overall it takes me about 30minutes to get there. my school is quite big with more than 1,000 pupils. As I am in my last year of high school after this year I move on to collage or university. I would like to study outdoor education or outdoor adventure and tourism.

I am excited to do this project and hope to learn about different languages and cultures as well as meeting new people.


Hi! My name is Corrie Lawson, I am 17 years old and I am from Scotland. I am in my sixth and final year at James Gillespie’s High School which is in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.  This year I am studying Gaelic, History, and Psychology and next year I hope to go to university to study Gaelic in either Glasgow or Aberdeen.

I live in Liberton, a smallish suburb in the south of Edinburgh, with my mum, dad, brother Finlay who is 15, sister Catriona who is 10 and our dog Poppy.  My mum speaks Gaelic so we sometimes speak it at home but the main language we use is English.  I also speak Gaelic at school with some of my teachers and friends.

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.  In the holidays we often go to visit our grandparents who live up in the north of Scotland which is a very pretty part of the country.
In my spare time I like to play the clarsach (Scottish harp) which I have been playing for almost ten years now.  Me and my friend sometimes go to Portobello where there is a beach and we busk there with our clarsachs.  I also really enjoy playing team sports such as netball which I play every Thursday at the school.

I really like travelling and have been to a few European countries so I am very excited to get the opportunity to go to Finland.


My name is Cara McLuskey, I’m 17 years old and I go to James Gillespie’s High School. I would say that I’m a chatty, cheerful person who enjoys doing new things and meeting new people.

I live on the outskirts of Edinburgh with my parents, two younger sisters, my younger brother and my dog. The village I live in is about 40 minutes south of Edinburgh city centre. My mum is from the north west of Scotland, so some weekends, and during the holidays, we go and stay with her family. My Mum speaks some Gaelic, so I have always spoken it a bit, but I started to learn it at school when I was 4. My siblings all speak Gaelic too, so sometimes I use it at home. As well as at home, I speak Gaelic in class and occasionally when I’m with my friends.

I love music, so I spend a lot of my free time listening to music and practising. My main instrument is the Clàrsach (Scottish Harp), which I also teach to younger children at the weekend. As well as this job I enjoy volunteering at a charity shop, which I have been doing for two years now.

I really like learning languages; languages and history are my favourite subjects at school.

I am now in my last year of school, and next year I am hoping to move to Glasgow or Dundee to study Nursing at University. I am very excited to be going to Finland to learn more about new languages and cultures!


My name is Amy I am 17 years old and I live in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. I would say I am a friendly and happy person and I am always excited to meet new people.  I live with my Mum, Dad, my brother Ross who is 14 and my sister Eve who is 9. I usually speak English at home because my parents don’t speak Gaelic, but I speak Gaelic at school and sometimes when I am with my friends and with my siblings if we don’t want our parents to understand us!  I started learning Gaelic when I was 4 at primary school and have been speaking it ever since.  I am in my final year of high school and I hope to study psychology at university and also keep up my Gaelic when I leave.

In my spare time I like doing different sports and also watching them. I play water polo competitively  and I swim to keep up my fitness.  Most weekends I go to the football with my dad to watch Heart of Midlothian FC, a local team in Edinburgh.  I also work part time as a swimming teacher and I started this because I am a swimmer myself.  I also play the clarsach which is a Scottish harp and occasionally sing in Gaelic.  I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family doing loads of different things.